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  • Advanced technology and Big Data for risk management
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Our services

At Vall Banc, we offer you not only the most personalized Wealth Management service with the most advanced technological tools, but also solutions to make your day-to-day life easier.
Learn more about Vall Banc Wealth Management and VB Banca País.

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Why Vall Banc Wealth Management?

Discover all the advantages of our Wealth Management in a video. Play it to find out more.

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Latest generation risk management

We can't predict the future, but thanks to our risk management platform, we can identify and analyse risk factors and market exposure that allow us to balance your portfolio and adapt it to potential scenarios.

Wealthcome to Andorra

At Vall Banc we provide a support service for setting up companies and obtaining residency without gainful activity in the Principality of Andorra

Diversify in one simple step

Combined deposit up to 1,5% AER

Combine a term deposit with one of Vall Banc's two flagship funds.

Return & Conscience: the socially responsible fund

Discover a fund that champions social, environmental and renewable energy projects. What's more, Vall Banc donates 80% of its management fee to charities and other associations operating in Andorra and has already delivered upwards of €36,000.