Wealth planning

At Vall Banc we offer you an exclusive Wealth Management model that includes strategies with tailor-made investment solutions according to your needs and objectives. This is what we call holistic wealth management.


We offer you tax information taking into account your financial situation.


For your comfort and peace of mind, our wealth planning experts analyse your tax situation, taking all potential advantages or applicable risks into account.

Our commitment is to provide you with an optimum service that's personalised to your personal and professional situation, regardless of your country of tax residence.


Wealth planning includes:


• Tax information on products and services, taking into account personal, family and financial situation.

• Inheritance information. Study of products and services according to your needs and interests as part of your estate planning.

• Optimisation of tax on income from investments/divestments and asset reorganisation via legally-compliant financial instruments and vehicles.

• Management of administrative procedures to obtain tax residence certificates in Andorra.

• Segregation of client accounts according to tax residence.

• Resolution of doubts or queries on wealth management.

• Explanation of the possible tax advantages of asset and liability products, i.e. banking, investment and insurance products.


With major advantages:


• Benefit from customised support on tax issues that takes your personal and financial situation into account.

• Optimisation of tax applied to your financial investments.

• Study on the feasibility of using investment vehicles to improve your financial investments.

• Assessment of fiscal risks associated with investment instruments and vehicles. We're here to help


For any further information don't hesitate to contact your Wealth Manager.

Estate planning does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or tax advice and must always be subject to the discretion of the client's private advisors, external to Vall Banc.