We continue with the “Fes-t’ho Mirar” campaign for breast cancer

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Escaldes-Engordany, 6 October 2021.– The third action of the “Fes-t'ho Mirar” (Get yourself checked) campaign is launched and will begin on Tuesday 19 October on World Breast Cancer Day. Thanks to the partnership between the Andorran Association against Cancer (Assandca in its Catalan initials) and Vall Banc, the campaign aims to promote the prevention and early detection of the most common cancers and on this occasion, it will logically focus on breast cancer.

Dr Santi Albiol, the SAAS Oncology Coordinator, is providing advice for the campaign. The main methods of early detection are periodic reviews and public screening. To minimise the likelihood of suffering from breast cancer, it is recommended that post-menopausal hormone therapy should be limited, reduce alcohol consumption, exercise for at least 30 minutes practically every day of the week, and follow a diet which is low in unhealthy fats.

To help everyone who wants to follow this last recommendation, dietitian and nutritionist Marta Pons has prepared a complete programme containing menus for ten days, recommendations for each meal of the day, a list of antioxidant salads and several recipes. All this content prepared by the head of the Dietary Advice Centre will be shared on the Vall Banc and Assandca networks. Additionally, this time, everyone is invited to actively participate and share their healthy recipes with other Internet users.

Pons explained that “food is crucial in the fight against cancer: it plays a key role in prevention and also in treatment.” The nutritionist recommends “basing meals on fresh, plant-based foods such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and olive oil.”

Rapid screening exponentially increases the chances of surviving breast cancer and that’s why the campaign encourages women over 50 to “get themselves checked” and visit a gynaecologist. The campaign does this with messages on social networks and with an advert that can be seen on Andorra Television. The advert, created by the producer Quelcom and starring Gemma Garcia and Meri Rabassa, shows an everyday scene in which two friends talk about their concerns about discomfort and breast lumps, in a tone which is both realistic and humorous.

Sergi Martín, Vall Banc’s General Manager of Business, explained that “we are proud to have been working with Assandca since 2017 with this common goal of raising awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection to both cope with it and survive it.” In addition to this campaign, on 19 October, World Breast Cancer Day, Assandca will have stalls set up all day in front of the Vall Banc Headquarters in Escaldes and the capital where the traditional solidarity bracelet will be on sale; the proceeds enable Assandca to offer its services.

Josep Saravia, Chairman of ASSANDCA states: “We would like the campaign to have a lasting impact, so that the message we convey will be a long-lasting one.”

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