The latest edition of Fes-t'ho Mirar (Get it looked at) to put the spotlight on smoking as the cause of nine in every ten cases of lung cancer

Assandca Vall Banc

Escaldes-Engordany, 8th November 2021.– The campaign led by the Andorra Cancer Association (Assandca) and Vall Banc to promote the prevention and early detection of the four most prevalent types of cancer amongst the population of Andorra has come to a close with an action focusing on lung cancer.

This coming Wednesday, 17th November, in celebration of World Lung Cancer Awareness Day, a spot will be broadcast on Televisió d’Andorra which, like previous editions, will show an everyday scene that will highlight, in a humorous, non-dramatic light, the importance of going to the doctor upon noticing the first symptoms. Lung cancer, much like all cancers and many other diseases, has a greater likelihood of being cured the sooner it is detected.

At the press conference, Josep Saravia, president of Assandca, explained that "lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and nearly nine out of every ten cases are caused by smoking. This cancer, more than any other, can be prevented, and we want people to be aware that our own actions are a determining factor in reducing the risk of suffering from this disease."

The General Business Manager of Vall Banc, Sergi Martín, expressed how "proud we are to have worked with Assandca since 2017, because it is the only association in the Principality that raises cancer awareness, and we continue to lend our support to help dispel taboos about the disease and lay the groundwork so the community understands that early detection is the key to winning this fight."

Simultaneously with the broadcast of the public health announcement, and over the next seven days, the Assandca website and the organisation's and Vall Banc's social networks will be sharing several recommendations that can help prevent the appearance of the disease, which are: not to start smoking, stop smoking if you are already a smoker, avoid breathing in others' smoke, check the level of radon at home (a gas present in poorly ventilated places, which is the second most common cause of lung cancer after smoking), avoid carcinogens at work, follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, and exercise most days of the week.

These actions draw to a close a campaign that has lasted nearly over a year. It began in March with colon cancer, followed by prostate cancer in June, breast cancer in October and concludes with lung cancer, the one causing the most deaths in Andorra and the world over. The most recent edition, on breast cancer, resulted in 13,000 visits to the Assandca website, aside from the huge impact it has had on social networks, the press, radio and television. The campaign has benefited from the expert advice of Dr. Santiago Albiol MD, coordinator of oncology at the SAAS, the Andorran Health Care Service.

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